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Growth Opportunities

We understand that you want to grow you business and career. We want to provide you with all of tools and options to take this as far as you want with no limitations. 

Referral Program

LanMac has a referral program that gives you an opportunity to earn up to a 10% referral fee from agents who join LanMac and list you as a referring agent. 

Access to multiple lead sources

We teach you how to generate your own business but you will also have access to various lead sources that can help you grow and increase your client database. 

Team Program

For Agents who want to move to increase their income even more, the Coaching program gives agents an opportunity to earn up to 20% of your teams commission.

Free Training

Multiple sources of training materials including company training, training materials through other services subscribed to by the brokerage. Training is recorded and available for viewing when you are able. 

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